• Debbie Howell

Your Words Are For Me – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

Through my studies on the Holy Spirit I’ve learned that a powerful way to call on His presence is through worship.  This morning one of the songs that I listened to was “Speak to Me” by Kari Jobe.  There are certain songs that I will listen to day after day as I ask the Holy Spirit to plant the truth of the words deep in my heart.  As I do this He leads me to greater adoration before God.

I’ve listened to this song many times, but this morning the Holy Spirit gave me deeper revelation about why God longs to heal us.  There’s a heart-felt bridge in Kari’s song where she sings, “Your words are true.  Your words are kind.  Your words are for me.”

I don’t know how you view God right now, but those words really reminded me that He is a God Who speaks for us.  The promises in His Word are for us  because they speak love and joy and healing and new life in Him.

Sometimes it takes just one word whispered into our souls from the Holy Spirit to change the direction of our lives.  If you’re at the place where you are tired of praying and believing then speak this simple prayer again and again until the Holy Spirit reveals Himself to you.  “God, Your Words are for me.”

Kari has this extended version of her song where she sings Speak to Me, Defender, and Closer.  This morning I reached out to touch the robe of Jesus on Jasmine’s behalf as I worshipped with her song, “Your voice is healing.  You speak Your healing.  I’m standing on the edge of breakthrough.  I trust You.  Jesus.  When I thought I lost me You knew where I left me.  You reintroduced me to Your love. You pick up all my pieces, put me back together.  You are the defender of my heart.”

When I’m tempted to doubt that God is healing Jasmine.  When my thoughts try to pull me back to the last 11 years of her suffering, I hold her in my heart and lift her to the God Who heals as I worship Him and remember that His Words are for her.

His Words are for you too.

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