• Debbie Howell

Why our Marriages Fail

“More marriages fail because of poor boundaries than for any other reason.” (Boundaries p. 157)

As I read more and more of this book, I am amazed at how important boundaries are to the relationships that we have. It’s easy to pinpoint the obvious reasons for failed marriages. People share those reasons with each other all the time. But I’ve never heard anyone say that their divorce was caused by poor boundaries. What I’m learning, however, is that the failure to institute proper boundaries around ourselves within the marriage relationship will cause resentment and fear and then lead to other issues that will destroy our marriages.

The authors go on to point out that all successful relationships, including the one we have with Christ, are based on freedom. If we or our spouse live to control each other then we are ignoring God’s laws of healthy boundaries and our marriage will fall apart.

Praise God for His Words of wisdom that show us the way to honor each other and Him through the relationships we have on this earth.

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