• Debbie Howell

When God Opens the Doors We’ve Been Praying For…

Twelve years ago God started to reveal to me the vision He has for my life.  I had no idea at that time how long and arduous the journey would be.  The years have been marked with roads of discouragement, joy, battles, and victories.  He has taught me to hold onto the vision (“write it”, if you will) through it all.  He also showed me where to go to grow my faith so that it would line up with His vision… The Word of God.  I have read, prayed, and journaled my way through Scriptures for years and that is what has led me to believe that He will do in my life what He said He would do when everything I could see or feel told me otherwise.

I recently watched the new Disney movie “Moana” with my husband, Chris.  There is a scene in that movie that resonated with me.  It’s when she is standing on her boat, determined to accomplish the mission she was sent for and the other character on the boat looked her square in the eye and shouted, “You can’t do this!  You are not the person you think you are!”  Instead of caving into his lies of discouragement she rose her head as high as she could and repeated her name and what her vision was back to him again and again.

I have had to do that so many times these last 12 years.  God has called me to bring the world back to an intimate relationship with Him through His Word and there’s nothing in the natural that has ever backed it up.

BUT GOD… Since October of last year I have been asked twice to speak at break out sessions for Christian events.  Both times God has shown up and spoken through me in ways that mirror what He showed me 12 years ago.  People are beginning to see the fruit of a seed I’ve been holding in my heart all of these years.  It’s exciting, terrifying, and humbling all at the same time.

God calls us to pray.  He calls us to believe.  Those calls must be empowered with our time in His presence and in His Word.  I am so grateful that God’s timing is now for me to bring Him honor and glory on this earth.  Now, more than ever, I need to get heart to heart with him through His Word so that day by day I can grow into the woman He has called me to be.

In Jesus’ name…

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