• Debbie Howell

What Jesus Paid For – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

One of the things that encourages me to believe that God honors our prayers when we pray for healing is to see how God works through men and women of faith today.  Bill Johnson is one of these people.  God has honored his faith and the faith of his church hundreds of times by miraculously healing those that they pray for. This week as I was listening to one of his sermons I heard him say, “We pray for the sick because we want Jesus to get what He paid for.”

When we pray for God to heal someone we often look at it from our view point.  We pray because we need to see God move on our behalf based on our needs.  It’s quite a different thing to pray for a healing because that’s what Jesus paid for and we want to see Him be glorified in our prayers and in our lives.

Today, as I think about Jasmine and how many years she has suffered my thoughts shift to Jesus and the great love He had for her as He died.  His death was to offer her eternal life with Him, but also so that today I can lift her to the throne of God in His name for healing.  He paid the price and He wants us to be bold in our prayers as we grow in faith that His resurrection power is for us right now in this moment.

I am so grateful for the people who live and minister in this power today.  I am learning so much through their preaching and their books and I am choosing to practice what I’m learning as I journey closer to God’s heart of healing.  If you want to join me I urge you to watch Bill Johnson’s sermons online and also read books by Mahesh Chavda.  Jesus longs to see the fruit of what He paid for and He’s waiting for us to have the faith to make it happen

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