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What Faith Looks Like – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

This journey that we are on is not just a journey of healing. It’s also a journey of faith. Yesterday morning on our way to Jasmine’s treatment I was scanning the radio looking for a Christian station. As soon as I found one I heard lyrics to a song that grew my faith. I don’t know the song title but the lyrics that spoke to me were: “Don’t give up on your miracle. Speak to the impossible”

I needed to be reminded that we are called to speak to the impossible because yesterday proved to be a rough day. Jasmine’s doctor needed to test her vitamin c levels to make sure they are giving her strong enough dosages. They increased her level from the day before and had to give it to her at an faster rate to get an accurate reading. What they didn’t know was that Jasmine hadn’t eaten lunch because of the nausea she deals with from the Lyme disease. As they administered the IV her sugar levels crashed and she had an emotional melt down. Watching her go through it broke my heart and reminded me of past times when her depression has pulled her to this same place. So how do I hold onto my miracle as I watch Jasmine suffering again?

The devil loves to mess with our heads and make us think that the more we pray the further we are from our answers. If we don’t live in the authority Jesus has given us and speak the power of God’s Word into the the impossibilities in front of us then it makes it looks like the devil is the one in control. As I mentioned in my last blog I was listening yesterday to a sermon by Bill Johnson. As I listened I wrote down some of the things he said and as I reread this one it gave me renewed strength and faith:

“Miracles are an expression of the kingdom. They emanate from the yielded life. Relationship with the Holy Spirit is essential because it’s in the relationship you learn to release the presence.”

This morning Jasmine woke up with a migraine. I’m learning to speak God’s healing power into the areas of her life where she is suffering. I held her head in my hands and began to pray for God to heal her. I also reached out to other people and asked them to pray. The affects weren’t immediate but now, 2 hours later her migraine is getting better, not worse and I thank God for that.

I believe that God wants us to pray for healing. I don’t worship Him and pray to Him just because I want Jasmine healed. I spend time every day asking to know Him more because I love Him and the more I experience His presence the deeper I want to know Him. After our rough day yesterday and Jasmine waking up in pain today I did what I could to help her feel better and then while she was soaking in the bathtub I put on my headphones, started playing worship songs from Youtube, and worshipped the God Who loves me and Who loves Jasmine. One of the songs that filled my heart with His glory this morning was “Jesus I Need You” by Hillsong.

These lyrics really moved my heart of faith today: “Remember love. Remember mercy. Christ before me. Christ behind me. Your lovingkindness has never failed me. Christ before me. Christ behind me.”

I want to encourage you to listen to that song today. Do whatever you need to do to press into the love God has for you. Miracles are birthed from deep within our hearts where seeds of faith grow as they are nourished from God’s heart of love.

Let the people who fear the Eternal proclaim: “He never ceases to be loving and kind.” When trouble surrounded me, I cried out to the Eternal; He answered me and brought me to a wide open space… He is my strength, and He is the reason I sing. He has been there to save me in every situation… “The right hand of the Eternal has shown His power.” Psalm 119:4,14,15 The Voice

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