• Debbie Howell

Visualizing the Breakthrough – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

Have you ever used your imagination to grow your faith?  Years ago my husband and I spent a month at Andrews University taking classes to prepare us to live and work in Ethiopia.  One of our instructors had us do an exercise that he incorporated regularly during his times with God.  He told us to find a quiet place and choose a story of the Bible.  We were then to close our eyes and imagine the story… What sounds do we hear?  What can we smell?  What are the scenes around us?

I was reminded of that this morning as I was reading  some beautiful verses in Psalm 5.  I recently started going through the Psalms in the Passion Version.  I just discovered this beautiful version when I was visiting the Hillsong Churches in Australia earlier this year.

“Every morning Jasmine lays out the pieces of her life on the altar and waits for your fire to fall upon her heart… I know that you will welcome her into your house, for she is covered  by your covenant of mercy and love.  So she comes to your sanctuary with deepest awe to bow in worship and adore you… Overshadow her with your presence as she sings and rejoices… Your favor wraps around her and covers her under your canopy of kindness and joy.”

I can easily visualize these verses as I pray them over Jasmine.  It’s not just because I believe that God can do this in her future life, but because I’ve seen Him do it in her life before.  When she was younger she ministered to our church in the dance ministry.  Each time that she stepped forward to dance there was a deep beauty and grace that flowed from her.  You could see that even though she was ministering to people, she was dancing before God.  There was such a glow of joy on her face and people were moved as they saw God’s love flow through her.

She hasn’t danced in years.  Once the pain and depression from the lyme disease took over she found herself unable to live out the vision God had put before her.

As her mother, this is just more fuel for the flame of my faith.  I know that God wants her to dance again.  This time it will be to a new song.  A song of healing, a song of love and of the faithfulness of her God.  His fire is falling upon her heart.  She is covered with His mercy and love. She will again dance and bow in worship and adoration before Him as He covers her under the canopy of His kindness and joy!

I can see it.  Can you?

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