• Debbie Howell

Trusting.... Again

Trusting God is a challenge when you've been down this road before and dealt with the bitter blow of disappointment. Our devastated hearts want answers. We feel that the only way to trust Him again is if we can make sense of it all. Did we miss something? Did we do something wrong?

What we need to realize is that trust isn't about figuring out life, it's about holding onto God throughout the storms of life because as we hold on we experience for ourselves that He will never leave us or forsake us.

I'm currently reading an incredible book by T D Jakes. My friend, Ginge, gave it to me and it's entitled "Crushing God Turns Pressure into Power". I want to share a quote from his book that has challenged some of the thoughts I struggle with. "Could it be that the Lord hides next season's harvest in what we have left?"

We look at what we've lost, God wants to multiply and anoint what we have left. We need to choose every day to trust Him with what we have left and believe that He's not just our God in the storm, He's the God of our next harvest.

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