• Debbie Howell

The Spirit of Suicide – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

There are many things that have inspired my desire to see people healed.  One of them is the epidemic of suicide that continues to spread around us.  Every time I hear about another suicide, whether it was someone I knew personally or a stranger on the news, something breaks inside me.  I can almost hear the tears of God fall to earth each time His precious children see death as their only option.  I also feel anger rise up in me toward the devil who has somehow been able to steal life and hope from yet another person.

Christ died and defeated the enemy.  So if it looks like the enemy is winning then there must be something that we, who call ourselves “Christians”, aren’t doing in His name.  I am on a mission to discover what that “something” is.

I read an amazing story this morning in a book called, “The Hidden Power of Healing Prayer”.  The author, Mahesh Chavda, shares a powerful encounter he had when he was ministering in Hungary years ago.  He said that as he stepped forward to minister before thousands the Holy Spirit led him to reach out to those who had ever attempted suicide.  He thought it was a strange request but knew the importance of following His voice.  As he called for those who had ever attempted to take their own lives  he was shocked to see 1,200 people step forward.  He didn’t learn until later that Hungary had one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

Once the group stood before him he didn’t even know how to pray for them so he asked God what to do next.  God replied, “Welcome My anointing”.  As he prayed, “Holy Spirit, come now” the Holy Spirit responded by touching each person and setting them free from the spirit of suicide.

I believe it.  I totally believe that the Holy Spirit is eagerly waiting for each of us to receive an anointing that can empower us to heal people and set them free.  Every day I pray for that anointing over my life.  I love to pray the prayers that Jesus prayed in the New Testament.  One of my favorites is, “God glorify me so that I can glorify you.”  That’s what the anointing looks like.  As we are filled with the Holy Spirit we are filled with God’s glory and then that glory spills over into the lives of those we pray for and minister to.

The devil has tried too many times to steal Jasmine’s desire to live.  Depression, anxiety, and chronic pain have told her more than once that death would be a relief.  I praise God for the ways that He has stepped in to protect and save her.

Right now the Holy Spirit is calling me to pray over the lives of those who are losing hope and don’t want to live another day in darkness and pain.  If that is you, know that God not only wants you to live, He wants you to live a life full of joy as He sets you free and heals you.  The following Scripture is a prayer that I have written in Jasmine’s prayer journal.  I want to encourage you to write this Scripture/prayer out and carry it with you.   I am believing that as you read it the Holy Spirit will breath it’s truth and life into you.

The Spirit of the One Who raised Jesus from the dead lives inside of you.  I am sure that He Who raised Jesus is casting the light of lifeinto your mortal body through the life-giving power of the Spirit residing in you.  (Romans 8:11)

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