• Debbie Howell

The Real Miracle - Jasmine's Journey of Healing

Every time Jesus healed someone He introduced them to His Father. He represented His Father's perfect love for mankind. I believe that the most beautiful part of each miracle was when the love of God filled their hearts.

My husband, Chris, had an encounter with God's incredible love recently. He was on a plane listening to a powerful song by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. As he worshipped with this song the Holy Spirit filled his heart with God's love which brought him to tears. Then God spoke clearly to him, "I am going to completely heal Jasmine."

Those words grew our faith exponentially. Chris was overcome by His encounter with God and his experience was a direct answer to my prayer that God would tell me what His plans are for Jasmine. I was at a place where I had spoken God's Words of healing over her for years and I needed a direct response from Him. I believe that He answered through Chris so that we could both position our faith to receive what He's about to do.

As God's presence fills our precious daughter she will receive her miracle of love.

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