• Debbie Howell

The Healing Service – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

A lot has transpired since we took Jasmine to the healing service last night.  Chris and I went with Jasmine together with a few of our friends.  The program was quite long which was only a problem for Jasmine since she was exhausted and her back started to hurt her.  During the service she went out to our car so that she could recline in the front seat and get comfortable.  After Mahesh Chavda spoke he asked people who wanted prayer to line up.  Over half of the people stood to line up.  My friends and I got in line to hold a place for Jasmine and when we finally got to the front of the line Chris went out to get her.

Pr.  Chavda’s first response to seeing her was very interesting.  He kind of did a double take and asked, “Have I prayed for you before?”  The answer is that he has prayed for her twice (once with our friend, Junica and once with me and Chris) but he has never met Jasmine.  Something in his spirit recognized the fact that he had prayed for her before.

He then opened up his heart in prayer as he asked God to heal her.  After he prayed he told Jasmine not to get discouraged but to believe that God is healing her.  He could see the heaviness on her countenance so he told her to focus on smiling.

That prayer began to breathe hope back into Jasmine and I see a small door that has opened up in her heart to be more receptive to the healing love of God.

Both Chris and I feel impressed to bring every symptom that she deals with under the authority of Jesus Christ.  Today we began praying for the burning pain in her body to be healed.

I had a talk with Jasmine this morning and told her how we would be praying with her and for her.  She has agreed to focus on Scriptures with me throughout the day as we pray them over her lyme disease.

We all feel bold with more strength from the healing service and prayer last night.  We need to stand together and pray the living Word of God over every symptom that she has been plagued with.  Symptom by symptom we will gain the victory until she is healed in Jesus’ name!

“Jasmine, stand up and shine.  Blessings are coming to you, and My glory will shine on you.”  Isaiah 60:1

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