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The Enemy’s Fiery Dart – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

After we took Jasmine to the Mahesh Chavda’s healing service last week we were strengthened and inspired in our faith for her healing.  I am learning that to stay this course I have to surround myself with friends and family who believe with all their hearts that God is our healer and to go to services where people pray for healing.

Unfortunately the devil is also watching this journey we are on and the last thing he wants is for God’s power to be revealed in Jasmine’s life.  He decided that what our faith needed was an attack and so he did what he does best, he came against God’s  healing with his power which kills, steals and destroys.

Two days after the healing service Jasmine was driving into our driveway and was devastated to see one of her kittens dead, laying in a pool of blood.  Dead things have always bothered her and when it’s one of her precious pets it hits her even deeper with grief.  This was definitely a major setback for her after stepping out in faith to believe that God loves her and wants to heal her.

I have to admit that I have been angry, very angry at the devil for this attack.  I’ve had choice words for him as the “mama bear” in me has been brought to life.  Attacks like this can open up two paths before us.  One is to give up and realize we are too weak to win this battle and the other is to use the energy from our anger and ask God for His wisdom to take our battle plan to the next level.

As I was talking with Junica, one of my prayer partners, we felt and said the same thing, “I don’t know how to pray for Jasmine anymore”.  When you put your heart and soul into believing for a miracle and all you get is an attack it can be a huge blow to your faith.  The devil knows that and he plays dirty every chance he gets.  So what now?

The day after her kitten got hit by a car I sat down in my worship chair and glanced at the books in the bookcase next to me.  God led me to a book by T D Jakes (one of my favorite authors) entitled “Release Your Anointing”. I had read and marked up this book a couple of years ago and as I reopened it and scanned the parts that I had underlined God began giving me a new battle plan.

God knows how sinister the devil is, but he is no match for Him.  The Bible is very clear that our prayers to Him (in Jesus’ name) are very powerful.  I believe, however, that there are some battles we face that require God releasing His will and power to us from heaven.  There’s a deeper place in prayer that goes beyond us speaking to God and we need God to speak to and through us with the help of the Holy Spirit.  T D Jakes writes, “When prayers in our natural language are being intercepted and shot down, Paul tells us to switch channels.  Allow the Holy Ghost within you to speak out on earth what Heaven is speaking into your spirit… The believer is built up as the Holy Ghost pleads the life, the power, the joy, and the victory of God into your spirit.  Hallelujah for the ability to speak out from earth what the Holy Ghost is speaking in from Heaven!”

This is one of the reasons I believe God is going to heal Jasmine.  A few weeks ago I was visiting another church for their 50 year anniversary celebration.  The church was packed and I had to park very far from the church.  By the time I walked in the service had already started.  There was a dance team up front ministering powerfully and as I watched them I remembered how many people were deeply moved watching Jasmine dance at our church years ago before she got lyme disease.  As I was thinking about how many things the devil has stolen from her with this disease I was suddenly filled with the Holy Spirit and led to pray in tongues (quietly to myself) with a passion.  I didn’t know what words I was praying, but the Holy Spirit revealed to me that God was releasing words through me for Jasmine’s healing.

I don’t know what you believe about speaking in tongues.  I know some people abuse the gift and make a crazy show out of it, but it’s in the Bible and used correctly it can  confuse the enemy because he can’t interpret what God is releasing through us. I praise God for reminding me about this gift and for equipping me as I go back into battle for Jasmine’s healing.

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