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The Courts of Heaven - Jasmine's Journey of Healing

It's been awhile since I've blogged. Life got busy and I've been traveling some, but that never means that Jasmine's healing isn't first and foremost on my mind.

What's interesting is that these last few weeks I've had several people (several praying friends who I admire and love) reach out to me to tell me that God has put it on their hearts that we need to press forward in our prayers for Jasmine to be healed. I see those messages as rays of hope during the time of waiting we've been in.

I believe in prayer. I believe in miracles. I also believe that sometimes God needs us to go deeper in the Word and in the Holy Spirit's leading because this spiritual battle we are in rages around us daily.

My friends, Theo and Junica, who are some of the prayer warriors I love, recently introduced me to Robert Henderson, an author and speaker. I've watched two of his messages and this morning my husband and I began reading his book "Operating in the Courts of Heaven".

This author believes that we can approach God as a Father and as a friend. He then goes on to explain that sometimes the enemy holds onto a legal right in our lives and because of that the only way to defeat him and get our prayers answered is to enter the courts of heaven (spiritually) and approach God as our judge. He also shares some very personal stories about praying for miracles for his two sons and how that journey is what led him to this breakthrough with God and prayer.

I have a lot more to learn as I read his book and compare it to what God says about this in His Word, but I know that there is a spiritual reason why our prayers haven't been answered yet and I believe God will tell us the next step of faith to take so that the enemy can't stop Jasmine from fully and beautifully living the life God created her to live.

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