• Debbie Howell

The Beauty of Broken – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

We run from brokenness.  We avoid it like the plague.  After all, who likes the  pain of being hurt and exposed?  I have battled over this issue again and again with God.  What really frustrates me is I know from experience that for God’s power to flow through me in a way that will bring the miraculous into people’s lives,  I have to be broken.

He’s doing it again in my life right now.  As  I cry out to Him because this all just hurts too much, it’s through that very brokenness that I feel His presence calling me deeper to His heart and purpose.  Last night I spent time drinking in His love through the song “Take me into the Holy of Holies” by  Serious Worship.  It’s here that His Word comes alive and He tells me about the creative power He can bring to my brokenness.

Yesterday I found a Scripture that I have been speaking for Jasmine as the Holy Spirit hovers over her life and my prayers to call forth a miracle.

“I will restore you, reclaim you, and rebuild you because I cannot help but love you.”  (Isaiah 60:10, The Voice)

God originally spoke these words over Israel after their defeat, destruction, and exile.  Here’s the beauty of His promise:  In the darkness of our defeat He restores.  In the rubble of destruction He reclaims.  His hand even reaches to the far places of exile and rebuilds.

So even though I fight the brokenness,  I realize yet again that it has led me to the Holy Place where God dwells and I hear His voice of love and restoration.

God,  I submit to the beauty of the brokenness, because the beauty is You.

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