• Debbie Howell

Tears of Hope – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

Today was such an emotional day. I saw a beautiful picture of hope in my daughter, Jasmine, today. For 11 years we’ve been from doctor, to therapist, to counselor and then on to the next doctor with few answers and fewer results. Because Lyme is so elusive and difficult to diagnose and treat she’s even been told that it’s all in her head. On top of that there have been so many times that she put her hope in a treatment only to be devastated again when it didn’t work. She has carried feelings of failure and frustration for almost half of her life.

Today was different. This morning we met with Dr. Ron at the Riordan Clinic. For over an hour he asked question after question and listened intently as she poured out the last 11 years of her life. By the time she was finished he began to explain to her how Lyme affects the body and why she’s been suffering the way she has. Then he laid out what each treatment would do to help the body heal itself so that it can fight off the disease.

The more he spoke, the more everything made sense. We were overcome with emotion as years of frustration and unanswered questions melted away. I saw hope in Jasmine’s tears mixed with great relief and an expectation of a better future.

She started 3 IV treatments today: Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation. I sat with her for the 3 hours it took for the IV’s to enter her blood stream. I watched as she looked up at the IVs with a sense of peace knowing that her body can now begin to heal itself.

As I was waiting I was administering a different type of therapy to her. When someone deals with years of chronic pain it damages more than their bodies. They become emotionally and spiritually challenged as well. I went to YouTube on my phone and found a new way to meditate on Scripture. It’s a video of beautiful nature photos along with piano music and someone reading Scriptures ( (Mix-Psalm 23) As I listened to God’s promises on healing I found myself repeating them with Jasmine’s name inserted and it filled my heart with joy and faith that God is with her on this journey. I have learned that the more time I spend in the Word of God the clearer I can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit behind it. When that happens His Word becomes more real to me then any circumstance I am facing.

Let me share a verse with you that I’m praying over Jasmine:

“The Spirit of the One Who resurrected Jesus from the dead lives inside of Jasmine. I am sure that He Who raised Jesus is casting the light of life into her mortal body through the life-giving power of the Spirit residing in her.” Romans 8:11

What a beautiful visual! So just as the IVs are going into her body to heal her physically, I am praying Scriptures like this one over her and the Holy Spirit is filling her and healing her emotionally and spiritually! I am on the edge of my seat as I wait and see how God will show up in her heart and reach her with His love.

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