• Debbie Howell

Taking Risks – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

This morning I am full of faith and expectation.  Tonight is the night we are taking Jasmine to Mahesh Chavda’s healing service.

It would be much easier if I was writing in faith on the other side of her miracle.  The testimony is a piece of cake once God has mightily parted the waters and led us through to the other side.  This morning as I was listening to a sermon by Bill Johnson he spoke to a deep place in my heart as he said, “I can’t stop crying out in private and taking risks in public.”

Today is a risk.  I am writing in faith before her miracle happens.  What is giving me strength is remembering all of the miracles He has done in her life and how far he has brought her these last 10+ years.  He has brought her so far in so many ways and I bow in awe and reverence before His throne for each and every miracle.

So am I putting myself out there as I declare that God is about to part the waters for my daughter as He fills her with His glory and purpose?  Probably.  But God not only honors boldness, He requires it.  So if He is moved by my declaration of faith then I will declare as long as I have breath that He is Jasmine’s spiritual, emotional, and physical healer!

Bill Johnson says that to end well you need to feed your soul on what God is doing, not on what He’s not doing or hasn’t done.  So today I am setting my mind on things above as I feed my faith and starve my fear.  I am filling my mind with sermons, scriptures, and songs of healing.  God is always on the move and I want to step into the flow of His power and His will for my daughter.  I’m asking for the Holy Spirit to be the voice behind the Scriptures that I pray over her so that my will is one with my Father’s. I believe that heaven will kiss earth tonight as we bring her to a man of God who has been anointed to heal in Jesus’ name.

What I am visualizing today is where the Holy Spirit is positioned right now.  In Genesis we are told that before the Word was spoken and creation began, the Holy Spirit was hovering over the vast darkness.  I  believe that today the Holy Spirit is hovering over Jasmine and preparing her disease ridden body for God’s Word of healing and new life to be spoken over her.

I appreciate everyone who has been fasting and praying this week for her healing.  I know God is about to move mightily!

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