• Debbie Howell

Strength That Flows – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

It’s like taking a satisfying, cool drink after exerting ourselves in the heat of a summer day.  That moment that fulfills a deep, intense need.  It’s the place I always come back to as I begin to rise up after a long, hard battle.

His Word.  It washes the beauty and hope of God’s truth over the barrenness of my soul.  This morning I felt impressed to pick up a scrap book/journal that I have been making as a gift for Jasmine.  As I began to look through the pages I’ve finished so far I smiled as I read this declaration that I wrote for her from Isaiah 43.


Remember who created you, who shaped you.  You have nothing to fear.  I have chosen you, named you as My own.  When you face stormy seas I will be there with endurance and calm; you will not  be engulfed in raging rivers.  If it seems like you’re walking though fire with flames licking at your limbs, keep going; you won’t be burned.  Because I, the Eternal One, am your God.  I am the Holy One of Israel, and I will save you.  You are special to Me and I love you.  So don’t be afraid, I am here.  I made, shaped, and created you for My profound glory.

It’s more than just reading these powerful verses.  It’s about praying them as I meditate and visualize God bringing these promises to life for Jasmine.  It brings me strength that flows down and satisfies the deepest places of my heart.

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