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Strength in Numbers – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

I feel like I am entering a season of spiritual breakthrough.  Not only do we see God daily healing Jasmine, but at our church I’m meeting with a group of people every week who are  as passionate about prayer as I am.  We have decided to do something different as we meet together.  We are creating a space for the Holy Spirit to come and teach us how to pray.  God has given us hearts to minister to our church through prayer and Who better to be our mentor than the Holy Spirit?

This prayer group is an essential part of my journey as I press into God’s heart of healing.  I once read an illustration of how the devil seeks to destroy us.  When a lion is hunting, no matter what type of animal it is he cannot get ahold of it if it’s in a herd.  He would quickly be trampled if the entire herd came against him.  His only hope is to separate one animal from the rest of the herd, singling it out, and attacking it when it has no protection from the others.  The devil loves to isolate us and make us feel that we are standing alone in the battle against him.  That’s what is so sad about people who struggle with depression and anxiety.  Too often they feel like the only way to survive is to isolate themselves from everyone, including those who love them.

There is strength in numbers and this is especially true as we seek God in prayer.  This week during our prayer time at church we spent time breaking into groups of two and began to intercede for each other.  I had the privilege of praying with my friend, Heidi.  As she began to pray for my daughters, Jasmine and Camilia, God filled my heart with pure joy and peace.  She prayed that God would banish all lies that the enemy tries to isolate them with as He fills their minds with His truth.  She prayed that God would cover them both with His love.  Words are powerful and to hear someone else pray for our families brings amazing strength to our hearts and to our faith.

Jasmine is being prayed over by so many of our friends and family members. Just yesterday a dear friend of ours, Makda, made Ethiopian food and brought it over to Jasmine to celebrate what God is doing in her life. Praise to God filled my heart as I listened to Jasmine tell her, “The healing progress is slow, but I can definitely feel myself improving.”

My friend, Junica, is another friend who continues to intercede for Jasmine.  God has shown her that He is healing her.  One of the visions God has given her was an image of Jasmine standing in a dark cave when suddenly a light from heaven shone down on her.  Junica was amazed when she saw the painting that Jasmine painted as a gift to her doctor (I shared the photo in a previous blog).  The painting was of a small plant that had finally pushed through the ground and a light from heaven was shining on it!

I am praying that God will surround each of you with friends who will cover you with prayer and create a “herd” of strength that will be impenetrable.

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