• Debbie Howell

Stepping into the Outflow – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

“For us to beg God to heal someone is for us to assume we have more mercy than He does. He’s already unveiled His will. The real issue is learning how to step into administering and releasing the manifestation of His will on earth. That’s exactly what Jesus did. There was no sweat or labor involved. He would pray all night. He would do various things to make sure He was in tune, but the miracle itself was the outflow of His relationship with the Father. You and I have been invited into this grand life.” (Bill Johnson)

These are the words I heard Bill Johnson speak this morning (Fulfilling the Dream, YouTube). God knew this was exactly what I needed to hear because the more Jasmine suffers the weaker my faith becomes. In those moments I am reduced to begging, pleading, even challenging God. I forget that He is a Father Who not only loves, He IS love. The inspiration for me in Bill’s message is to step into the flow of Who God is as Jasmine’s Father, as my Father. To seek His heart and rest in the “knowing” that what the Word tells of Him is irrefutably true.

This morning Jasmine took her first medication to address the POTS that she was diagnosed with last week. The doctor told her she could choose the traditional medicine or the natural treatment. He said that both would work but the traditional option works faster. The challenge is that the traditional treatment will either make her feel better immediately or significantly worse. Because she’s in so much pain she chose to try the faster option.

Before giving it to her Chris and I prayed that she would not have any adverse, painful reactions to the treatment. It’s been over an hour since she’s taken it and she’s beginning to see some improvement. Thank God!

I also thank Him for reaching down to strengthen my faith and resolve this morning. I want to know Him in such an intimate way that when life hurts I don’t doubt Who He is.

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