• Debbie Howell

Remember Who You Are!

"I am your Father and you are my child. Faith in my Word, my truth, my love, and my power is all you need. My love is so powerful, death could not defeat it. The grave could not bury my glory. This is the glory that is within you. This is the power that courses through your veins. Remember who you are!" (I Hear His Whisper, June 23)

If we took just even one of Jesus' miracles that was recorded in the Bible and thought about it with the above quote in mind, it would grow our faith in God and our confidence to live boldly because His power lives within us. The devil comes at us a thousand different ways to discourage us and try to get us to forget what Jesus went through to give us the power of victory. Jesus already defeated him, but if our enemy can get us to forget that then he can defeat us at every turn. We need to remember Who Jesus is and receive His power in our lives so that we can remember who we are. The best way to honor Him is to live in His victory.

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