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Remember Love, Remember Mercy – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

Today is day 4 of Jasmine’s treatments. The doctor told us that the treatments may “stir up” some of her Lyme symptoms and apparently he was right. Yesterday and today she’s struggled emotionally from the Lyme and we’ve had to do everything we can think of to help her stick with the treatments because she wants to quit.

The first needle they put in for her IV this morning didn’t feel right to her. The longer the IV dripped the more burning and stabbing she felt. Not long into the treatment she insisted that they take the needle out.

They tested her for her Vitamin C level this morning and the doctor was excited to see how high it is. They key now is to keep it high and they need to make sure that she gets at least 25,000 units of Vitamin C in her today. So after they took the needle out I took Jasmine from the clinic to have a break with the hopes and prayers that she will let them try again. I am happy to say that right now she is back at the clinic getting her IV. She said it still burns but not as badly as the last one and she is able to tolerate it.

It’s been the peace of God that has kept me strong during this whole ordeal. It is so hard to see your child suffer, even if it’s part of the healing process. My heart goes out to parents who go through this with very young children. At least Jasmine is old enough to understand that this will ultimately help her.

In the middle of all of this I’ve been seeking the presence of God. One of my favorite things about prayer is that it invites into that secret place with Him. When I step into that space with Him I am overwhelmed by how awesome He is. My prayer grows into worship and I am filled with such joy and peace that I am able to make it through hard days because I know above all else that He is with me. He is more real to me than anything that is happening around me.

Yesterday I mentioned one of my favorite worship songs “Jesus, I Need You” by Hillsong. I was drawn to worship God through that song again this morning when I woke up. The Holy Spirit began to give me some powerful revelation as I worshipped God through this song.

Remember love Remember mercy Christ before me Christ behind me

The struggles and disappointments of life can pull us from the truth that’s sung in this song. As my heart breaks for all that Jasmine has gone through the Holy Spirit fills my heart as He so lovingly says, “Step away from what you see; remember my love. Stop focusing on how you feel; remember my mercy.” Taking the time to visualize Jesus on this journey with us gives me strength to see this through to the end.

I also feel so much support from those of you who are praying for Jasmine. We appreciate you so much!

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