• Debbie Howell

Preparing to Minister to People’s Hearts

Tomorrow I have the privilege of sharing my passion for God’s Word at a Prayer Conference here in Maryland.  

God is already stirring in my heart the great love He has for those I will be speaking to.  I pray for people before I minister to them, while I am ministering to them, and long after the event is done.  I often sense an anointing when I get up to encourage people.  

It’s something that’s hard to explain, but I know it’s the work of the Holy Spirit and it’s the place where I feel the most alive.  It’s where I fulfill my God-given purpose and nothing else in this life can be as rewarding as that.  

The major battles I’ve been through the last few years have broken me and God has stepped in to heal and empower that place so that He can pour through it and reach His people with His great love.  We never know all of the reasons why we have to go through times of suffering or what good God could possibly bring out of it.

 As I stand before God’s people tomorrow and minister not only with my words, but with my heart  God will do a great thing because by His power I have survived things I never thought I could and it has changed me to understand people’s pain at a deeper level.  I want my life to bring God glory as His power in me brings people His light, His grace, and His love.    

In Jesus’ name…

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