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Painful Growth – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

Today I had an appointment with Dr. Brian Colquitt, our family chiropractor. He has been a tremendous blessing as he has helped Jasmine try to manage her pain through this long battle with Lyme disease. As I met with him and his staff they all said the same thing, “Jasmine came in for an appointment this week and we couldn’t believe how much better she looks since her treatments!” I will never tire of hearing people comment on Jasmine’s improvements. Every step is a victory to be celebrated and I praise God for each one!

Jasmine had her first IV Vitamin C treatment at Dr. Silveiri’s office today. It took 3 hours for her to receive the 50 cc bag and now her body has more strength to heal. I feel badly that the treatments are painful because the IV burns the vein in her arm as it goes in. It made me remember something, though. I once heard a preacher say that changing and growing may be painful, but so is staying stuck where you are. At least the pain of growth (which very often includes forgiving others and letting go of our past) will eventually lead us to a better place.

A better place. I love to visualize God leading Jasmine to a better place. A place of grace and love and joy and healing. I can see Him getting excited as her life begins to line up with the vision He placed in her heart the moment she was created. She may not see the vision yet and ultimately she could decide not to live her life for God, but it’s a beautiful thing to pray Scriptures over someone you love and then watch how God reaches down to lavish His love on them. Here’s a beautiful Scripture/prayer that I wrote in Jasmine’s journal:

“God, keep Jasmine near your grace-fountain and bless her! And when you look down on her, may your face beam with joy!” Psalm 67:1 Passion Version

I wish I could describe to you how amazing it is to find Scriptures like that one and spend time with God as I turn them into prayers. The Holy Spirit fills me with joy and anticipation because I can begin to see His will for Jasmine’s life even before it’s a reality to her. God’s Word is such an incredible gift to us and I am praying that God will open up the eyes of our hearts and let the light of His truth (His Word) flood in.

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