• Debbie Howell

My Journey with the Holy Spirit

For the past 2 years I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the Holy Spirit. I have a journal full of Scriptures on the Holy Spirit and have read powerful books by inspired authors about the Holy Spirit.

I’m learning that to know God you must seek every part of Him – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Not only are they connected as One God, but access to one aspect of God depends on our relationship with other parts of Him. The way to our Father in heaven is through accepting Jesus’ sacrifice and having a beautiful relationship with Him and the only way to know Jesus is through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

I want to know the heart of God and I am so grateful that the Holy Spirit is right here with me (and you) to be my teacher as I sit with God’s Word. He unlocks the great mysteries of God and helps me live according to His Will.

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