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My Elevator Prayer – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

Jasmine and I have been looking forward to today. After 4 days of treatments she was going to get a break and we had planned on going to a park or a botanical garden to enjoy some time outside.

Unfortunately neither happened because this morning she was suddenly hit with excruciating pain. She said it felt like her liver was about to explode because the pain was so sharp and intense. We don’t know if it was from the Lyme acting up or a reaction to the milk thistle that she had just started taking to help her compromised liver function. Unfortunately because it’s the weekend no one was available at the clinic to give us advice so I turned to the internet.

The pain kept her in bed for 7 hours today. During that time I gave her Melatonin so she could try to sleep through it. Then I cooked up a concoction of 4 foods that are supposed to help with liver pain: cabbage, cauliflower, onions, and garlic. I also gave her Ibuprofen. Finally by late afternoon the pain began to fade as unexpectedly as it had arrived.

I feel like I’m in a spiritual tug-of-war right now. On the one team there are so many people praying for her and so far 2 people (my uncle and a close friend of mine) told me that God spoke very powerfully to them that God is going to heal Jasmine. I fully believe that God has spoken to them, but the other side of the battle is the reality of today as I sit next to her on the bed and watch her continue to suffer.

So I had a little date with God on the hotel elevator today. I’ve had similar conversations with Him before and it was only a matter of time before I felt the need to bare my soul before Him again.

As I took a deep breath to try to relieve some of the stress I looked up and said, “OK, God, I need to hear from You. I don’t know why Jasmine still has to suffer so much. I know I can hear Your voice in Your Word, I’ve been in Your Word faithfully. I know that I can pray and You hear me. But right now I need more. I need to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit to tell me why this is taking so long. It doesn’t make sense and I need it to. I need direction. I need answers. What is it that You need from me that will bring Your promises to life in Jasmine’s body?

I was headed out for the 3rd time today to pick up things that I thought would help her (the first trip was for the Melatonin and a heating pad). I needed to take a moment for myself and I felt led to stop at Hobby Lobby because there’s always so many inspirational things there. I browsed around the Bible and book section and stopped when I saw a book entitled, “The Case For Miracles” by Lee Strobel.

I decided to buy the book and begin reading it tonight and here’s why: I feel like we are good at researching other things that we don’t understand. Why don’t we take the time needed to research and learn about spiritual things too. The bottom line is that God wants to anoint each of us to carry His glory and power to bring grace and healing into this world but He has to know that He can trust us with that power. Even the disciples who spend over 3 years with Jesus didn’t get the whole “miracle thing” right when they first tried it. Their pride and their own agendas basically made them ineligible. I feel like there’s something God wants to teach me as I read this book.

Today Chris, my husband, texted us a song that he heard our younger daughter sing today on a praise team, “You Make Me Brave”. As I listened to it I was reminded that God calls us to be brave and bravery isn’t needed unless there’s a battle to fight. I love the lyrics “You make me brave. No fear can hinder now the promises You make”. I think that really speaks to me because the more I journey towards God’s heart through His Word the more I realize that it’s our weapon to defeat things like sickness and pain.

I’m excited to get into this book and hear what God wants to tell me. I believe that God is going to honor my “elevator prayer” and I will keep praying and searching until He blesses me with His peace and wisdom. I don’t know how far I am from seeing my first miracle in Jasmine’s life, but once it happens I promise you that it will be just the first of many as I step out to heal others with the love and grace of God.

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