• Debbie Howell

My Beautiful Butterfly – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

Today continued to be a day of miracles for Jasmine. Up until today every day that she’s been treated here has been exhausting for her. As soon as treatments were done we would have to head right back to the hotel so she could rest. Today, however, day 6 of her treatments proved to be different. After 5 hours of treatments she said she had the energy to go with me to the botanical gardens.

I wish I could adequately describe what I witnessed when we got there. I was amazed as I watched her walk around the gardens looking at the beauty of creation as if for the first time. She excitedly took pictures of everything, even grabbing me a couple of times to get pictures of me with the flowers. Anyone reading this who has dealt with someone suffering with chronic pain or depression knows how incredible it is to witness this kind of joy for life.

As I watched her it was as if I was watching a butterfly emerging from its cocoon after fighting long and hard to get out. I watched as she spread her wings and began to fly away from all of the things that had been weighing her down.

She had a “steps” app on her phone and when we got back to the car she was tickled to announce that she had just walked 2 ½ miles! And this was after a full day of treatments!

She tried to explain how she felt different today and her exact words were “I feel less toxic”. She is definitely on the road to healing and I can’t wait to see each new level of health that she reaches. She still has 3 days of treatments here and then begins 2 treatments a week in Maryland beginning next week. Thank you, my dear friend, Dr. Sandra, who told me about her wholistic doctor friend who practices just a few miles from our home.

I am continuing to pray for Jasmine as well as those of you who have reached out to me through this blog. I believe, with all my heart, that God is still a great Healer.

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