• Debbie Howell

Keeping Hope Alive – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

I just arrived in Kansas with my daughter, Jasmine. She’s been suffering for 11 years with Lyme disease and we flew out here because of hope. Tomorrow she begins a new, intensive treatment at the Riordan Clinic and we are filled with hope and afraid to hope all at the same time. We have tried countless doctors and treatments (I know this sounds way too familiar to some of you) and with each treatment that didn’t work I watched as my daughter’s hope sank deeper and deeper.

It has been such a long, hard road. As much as it’s broken the hearts of those of us who love her, I can’t even pretend to imagine what this hell has been like for her. The constant pain, the brain fog that has impeded her college education, the depression and anxiety and the days where she just didn’t want to live anymore because it was too hard to face another day of it all.

I was talking to my sister in law yesterday and she asked me, “How have you been able to hold onto hope all of these years?” My reaction was, “There’s no way we could ever give up on her getting better.” It’s been hard, though, to say the least. So many nights of sitting next to her on her bed watching the disease torture her even more as she had major flare ups. Loving God and digging my heels in to trust Him when none of it made sense and I didn’t understand why He wasn’t healing her with so many of us praying for her.

So here I am getting ready to be with her as she receives what appears to be the best treatment we’ve heard of to date. AS she takes this medical journey I’ll be on my own spiritual journey. The Holy Spirit has led me to some incredibly powerful scriptures on healing and hope and I’ve started writing them in a new journal that is dedicated to her healing. Each day that she receives treatment I have committed to pressing into the secret place with God through worship and praying His Word. I believe that as I do that the Holy Spirit will speak God’s will for Jasmine, not just physically, but also speak His vision into her life. As I hear His will through His Word I can then speak that Word in prayer with authority and boldness. I can honestly say that I don’t know at this point what God’s will is but I can tell you that it’s not for her to spend the rest of her life suffering in bed. God has created and gifted her to set the world ablaze with His glory and I will not stop praying for her healing until I see her do that very thing.

I invite you to take this journey with me. Every day I will update you on Jasmine’s treatments as well as what I’m learning in my time with God about believing for healing when you are tempted to give up on prayer. I want you be real and honest with your comments even if you disagree with something I’ve posted. I look forward to our time together on this blog.

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