• Debbie Howell

“Jump” by Steve Harvey

I’ve been reading an amazing book by Steve Harvey.  He is motivating me in new ways through his book, “Jump”.  God has been speaking two phrases into my heart the last year or two to help keep me motivated and inspired on my journey to fulfill His call on my life.  One phrase is “Stand Ready”  the other is “Live Inspired”.  

Both of these require determination and daily focus.  One of the ways I stay on the right track is by reading books by authors who challenge me to live outside my comfort zone and try new things even though I know there will be times that I fail.

Some of my favorite authors are Brene Brown, T D Jakes, and now Steve Harvey.  Their testimonies and vulnerability with their own failures keep a fire of passion and purpose burning in my heart.  They write from a personal place of knowing the challenges I’m facing, yet also knowing how amazing the journey will be.

I have underlined  many powerful statements in Steve Harvey’s book and I want to share one with you that I plan to include on my vision board.

“When God gives you more opportunities to show who you are and to provide greater value to the world, that’s your moment to better understand how to use your gift and also to empower the people around you to further expand your vision and theirs.”

It’s a ripple affect of making the world a better place with your story and at the same time challenging others to do the same.

In Jesus’ name…

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