• Debbie Howell

It’s Time to Jump!

I’m finding myself full of emotions today.  Yesterday God did something in my life, He opened such a huge door for me that my prayer has shifted.  For years it’s been a prayer of, “God, please use me.  Open doors so that I can bring the light of Your Word to the world and help me to be patient with Your timing.”  Well, yesterday God opened a door bigger than I expected (Oh ye of little faith!).

I received an email from the Hope Channel ( inviting me to be interviewed live on their show this Friday night.  (Gulp… well that was fast, God!)  Now my prayer has shifted to, “God, are You sure I’m ready?  What if I’m not ready?  What if I mess this up?”  It’s amazing how quickly we can switch from being impatient with God because we don’t see Him doing anything to panic mode because now He’s doing too much!

There are so many things that I love about God.  One is that He always equips me for things even before I know what His next move is.  Yesterday before I received the email I was at the bookstore and came across Steve Harvey’s book “Jump”.  I bought it because I’m always trying to keep myself  inspired by other people’s journeys.  I didn’t know that just a few hours later God would call me to “jump” to the next level of reaching His people.

I started reading Steve Harvey’s book today and I want to share some quotes that I am holding onto to prepare for Friday night.

“Your willingness to jump will open doors for you.  Every jump will increase your wisdom and broaden your vision.”

“I embrace fear, because for me it is an indicator that God is calling me to do something bigger.  In other words, my faith calms my fears,  I have no fears greater than my dreams.”

Ok, God, apparently it’s time for me to jump!

The next thing God put in front of me was a twitter post by T. D Jakes (another role model in taking leaps).  He tweeted a Scripture:  “Be utterly astounded!  For I WILL work a work in your days which you would not believe, though it were told you.”  Habakkuk 1:5

Ok, now I’m excited, overwhelmed, and full of anticipation with a dash of fear!  “You really are about to do a ‘thing’ here, aren’t you God?”

I heard T. D. Jakes preach something that I will never forget.  Actually, I should say that he P-R-E-A-C-H-E-D!!!  When that man gets going in the Spirit you better move out of the way!  He said something to the effect of  “When God shows up in your life He is going to do a new thing, a thing that’s never been done for anyone else before.  It will be something that will be unexpected and will leave you amazed.  There won’t even be a name for what He’s about to do in your life.  He will do it now and you can name it later!”

I’m kind of on the edge of my seat right now feeling that God’s doing that exact “thing” in my life right now.  Deep breaths, get out your Scriptures of faith, Debbie, you are going to need them…

In Jesus’ name…

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