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It’s OK to Dream – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

Mahesh Chavda tells a story of his son who was born with defective kidneys and it’s only by a heaven-sent miracle that he is alive and healthy today. He said that when his son was 5 years old he took him to see his first movie. This was back in the 80’s and the movie they saw was the original Star Wars. His son absolutely loved the movie! As they were leaving the theater he asked his son, “What dreams do you have? Who do you want to be when you grow up?” His son eagerly responded that he wanted to help make another Star Wars movie.

Mahesh stopped his son right then and prayed that God would anoint him and enable him to fulfill his dreams. He then shared that the name of his son is in the credits for the recent remake of a Star Wars movie!

That story really touched my heart. I felt the Holy Spirit inspire me to take the time to talk with my girls about their life goals and invite the presence of God into their dreams.

I’m learning that when the Holy Spirit prompts me to do something it’s important to act on it as soon as possible because life will distract us and it’s too easy to forget those moments when God speaks into our lives.

Tonight I sat with my husband, Chris, and both of our daughters and we shared with each other the biggest dreams we could come up with for our lives.

Jasmine shared that she wants to manage a huge wildlife sanctuary in a tropical place (maybe Thailand or India) so that she can rescue and rehabilitate wild animals and learn to balance an ecosystem. She also wants to work at a center that offers multiple wholistic healing options for people who are sick.

Camilia said that she wants to write music and travel the world with a music ministry. She wants to help people, possibly as a missionary. She also wants to have a family someday.

After I wrote down their dreams I prayed over them. I asked God to release His favor over their lives and anoint their dreams so that His would even supersede theirs. I felt led to ask Him to begin to speak to them in visions and dreams so they can take each step in line with His. Tonight my heart is full of faith for their futures.

I believe that God has created every person on this earth with a purpose and vision that is so huge they could never fully realize it without His power. I begin to feel a righteous anger when I see the devil attack people and try to steal their hopes of ever realizing their dreams. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m seeking God’s heart and Spirit as I pray for miracles. God wants to empower and restore us because we each have a purpose that needs to be fulfilled.

As I am typing this blog Chris and our girls are in the next room playing with our kittens. As I hear Jasmine laughing my heart rises to the heavens in praise to God. She may not be fully healed yet, but God has brought her so far from where she was even 2 years ago and the fact that she has the ability to socialize and laugh after working today is a testimony of a God Who still heals.

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