• Debbie Howell

It's a Gift! - Jasmine's Journey of Healing

I have spent the last few weeks pouring my heart, time, and attention into preparing for a conference that I have been asked to lead this Sunday. Whenever God opens a ministry door for me I am always amazed by what He puts into my hands to prepare me.

My Uncle LaVerne knows that love to read the Bible and any other book that's full of spiritual inspiration. Recently he gave me a book entitled "The Gifts and Ministries of the Holy Spirit" by Lester Sumrall. God knew that I needed to journey my way through this book for the next step He wants me to take in ministry.

If I ever have to choose just one thing to step forward with as I minister - whether great slides, my notes, or anything else I've prepared - I would leave it all behind and take the one thing that makes all the difference in the world - the presence and gifts of the Holy Spirit in my life.

Yesterday I ran into two friends I went to college with. One of them has had MS since her 20's. I haven't seen her in years and as I walked toward her I realized I was stepping into a God moment. I wanted to take her by the hand and say, "In Jesus' name, get up out of your wheel chair." I pray that someday the Holy Spirit will make me that bold. I did, however, lay my hand on her shoulder and pray from the depths of my heart in His name as I was filled with the love He has for her. And I continue to pray and believe. God can take simple prayers of faith and grow them into mighty miracles!

I believe that Jasmine is a walking miracle. I can't see it yet, but I know that God hears every prayer that is being sent His way on her behalf . Every time I step forward to pray His Word over her or anyone else my faith grows and one day God will ignite my faith and the world will see Him move in ways that only He can.

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