• Debbie Howell

Is it Really God's Timing? - Jasmine's Journey of Healing

This morning I was reading a chapter in Robert Henderson's book "Prayers & Declarations That Open the Courts of Heaven". I could't wait to share with my husband something that jumped off the page and into my searching heart. In chapter 10 of his book he wrote about how we can have a "hyper view" of God's sovereignty and just blankly believe that everything that happens must be the will of God.

I've been struggling with that for awhile as I continue to pray and believe for Jasmine's healing. Henderson goes on to share Scriptures that site times when the devil sought to disrupt or delay the timing of God (see Daniel 7:25-26; 1 Thess. 2:18).

The more time I sit with God and His Word the more I am convinced that there's something in the spiritual realm that is holding back Jasmine's healing. I don't believe that God has told us "no", "wait", or "possibly". He is calling us to stand in the courts of heaven on her behalf and plead the blood of Jesus over the accusations of the enemy that are holding back her miracle.

Every morning my husband and I have been reading through Henderson's book and read a prayer from the ones he's written at the end of each chapter. This morning I felt something shift and I believe with all my heart that God's perfect plan for Jasmine's life is about to be released as "everything lost, destroyed, or devoured" is now being recovered (Joel 2:25).

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