• Debbie Howell

If it Changes Me – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

Last year I started writing my second book. I usually write when I travel with my husband, Chris, for the trainings he conducts. Over the Christmas break I decided to read through what I’ve written so far. I’m glad that I took the time to do that because it reminded me of the powerful message God is calling me to share. I have prayerfully refocused on my book and have set my mind to spend time every day working on it.

What I was reminded of this morning is that a lot of my first book was my journey of prayer with Jasmine that began when she was 14. We went through many years of fear because of where she was emotionally and spiritually. That is what actually began my journey of praying God’s Word back to Him as I grew my faith. It was also the time when I saw Him show up for my daughter in ways that took my breath away.

Now as I begin to focus once again on my second book I’m getting the sense from God that this book will be the next part of Jasmine’s healing. You see, I’m not just writing a book. I’m going to live it too. I’ve started each chapter with a scripture prayer and ended them with application challenges. I’m going take the next several months to focus on each scripture and do the challenges as I write the book.

I heard a speaker once say that he never preaches anything until it has done something in his own life. His words were, “How can I expect it to change you if it hasn’t changed me?”

So my prayer is that this next book will change me, flow into Jasmine and my family, and then to the hearts of those who read it.

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