• Debbie Howell

How Do You Wait?

I work for a doctor's office and it's interesting to observe how people "wait" differently.

Some people walk in the door already anxious, asking how long the appointment will take because they have someplace to be.

Others will wait patiently for awhile, but then will begin to get impatient asking how much longer it will take. Some even get impatient enough to leave without even seeing the doctor.

Then there are those who are prepared to wait patiently, no matter how long it takes. They come in with a good book to read, or plan to use social media on their phones to pass the time.

Waiting is only part of the game of life. Especially when we are waiting on God. Learning to wait "well' is what's important. I've been in a season of "waiting" for the past 15 years so I know the ins and outs, the ups and downs of learning to wait well.

This morning I read something that really spoke to my heart. "Your calling coming to fruition depends on whether or not you embrace God's grace... Keep your heart before him and grow in wisdom, grace, and character. Remember, the calling of God upon your life isn't about you. It's about those you will serve with your gift." (The Vision, August 25)

If our waiting time makes us impatient and causes us to walk back out the door God called us to walk through, then our waiting isn't getting us any closer to our goal. However, if we learn to grow in wisdom, grace, and character while we wait then our time of waiting is crafting us into people who can ultimately serve others well.

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