• Debbie Howell

How Do You Hear From God?

This year I'm reading a powerful daily devotional called "The Vision". The daily reading are based on the book of Isaiah.

Todays' topic was about hearing from God. The author addresses the problem that so many people have "swallowed the lie" that they can't hear from God so they spend their prayer time speaking, but never listening.

I've encountered this frustration with a lot of christians that I've ministered to (and, I've been there myself a time or two). I love how the author encourages us by saying that instead of coming to God in prayer frustrated with our inability to hear Him, we should come to prayer grateful and hopeful because God has promised to speak to us. It's His ability we rely on.

I love this quote from what I read today: "Prophetic insight is simply hearing our Father's heart". That's it. Take a few minutes each day, with your Bible open, together with the Holy Spirit, and ask God to tell you what's on His heart for you. He can't wait to speak.

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