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Heart 2 Heart

A year ago I took an amazing online class by Brene’ Brown.  In the class we read through her books “Daring Greatly” and “Rising Strong”.  I highly recommend both of her books.

During the class she challenged us to take time to write out our values, passions, and goals.  I took the time to write it out and put it in one of my journals so that I can refer back to it when needed.  Here’s what I wrote…

“The values that guide me in my effort to show up and be seen are vulnerability, passion, honesty, accountability, and integrity.  I stand for the Word of God and its power to change and heal people.  I am most curious about people’s journeys and hearts.  I must do something about how the devil steals people’s joy and purpose with his attacks and lies.  I am most passionate about revealing to people that they were created for a purpose and that spending time with God in His Word is a huge part of discovering and living that purpose.  I have the courage to speak the Word/heart of God wherever He calls me to.  I love traveling and getting to know people and their cultures.  In my heart of hearts I feel people’s pain and long to lead them on a journey of healing and wholeness.  I am on this planet to bring the world back to the presence and power of God through His Word and worship.  I will love myself by journeying through my own healing and be brave enough to embrace the fact that I am loved, called, and chosen by God.  I will dare greatly by walking through every door God opens for me with boldness and passion.”

I want to encourage you to write your own vision out.  You can begin each sentence the same way I did but add your own ending. Once you complete it keep it in a place where you can refer back to it often.  It will help keep your vision and goals in front of you.

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