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Healing From Home – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

Jasmine and I are home now. She’s happy to have a break for a few days from the IVC. On the days when she doesn’t get IV treatments she is taking several thousand mg of high quality vitamin c gel orally. The vitamin c treatments are strengthening her immune system so that she can continue to heal and fight off whatever Lyme may still be in her body. I was elated when Chris and Camilia picked us up at the airport Friday night and Chris said that he could see a definite improvement over how Jasmine looked when he saw her 2 weeks ago!

I’ve been praying since arriving home that I will still make the time to seek God’s heart for Jasmine every day. Life can creep in and crowd out the things that are most important. When I intentionally look for moments throughout the day and take the time to praise God and read powerful Scriptures as prayers it keeps me focused on Him and aligns my will to His. That’s the platform for miracles because now I am praying His kingdom into the life of the person I’m praying for. It won’t guarantee change, because we all can make our own choices, but it definitely shifts the battle in God’s favor because now we have invited Him to show up in the life of someone we love.

Here’s the Scripture/prayer that I wrote in Jasmine’s journal this morning:

God, You are showing Jasmine Your favor and rescuing her! As Jasmine passionately seeks You she will erupt with excitement and joy over what You’ve done! She will say, “How great and glorious is my God!” Jasmine is always in Your thoughts.

Psalm 70, Passion Version

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