• Debbie Howell

Faith vs Disability – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

Jasmine has been trying to hold down a job – even just a part time job, but she finds it hard to be able to work consistently because of the bad flare-ups she has. She wants to have some financial independence not only for every day expenses, but also to help with all of the medical expenses for her treatments.

She approached me a few months ago about applying for disability since she is limited as to how much she can work. My first thought was, “If we do that it will show that I don’t really believe that God will heal her.” I had to take a step back and look at things from Jasmine’s perspective instead of my own. She needs to make choices according to how she feels now and I know that God understands that.

I’m learning to support her the best way I can every day while looking more and more to the God Who is her healer. It can feel like an emotional tug-of-war at times, but I’m definitely learning along the way.

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