• Debbie Howell

God Speaks So We Can Act!

Last weekend I attended and spoke at a prayer event hosted by the Hope Channel.  Dr. Morris, the president of the Hope Channel, was the main speaker for the weekend.  I had never heard him speak before and was in awe to see God shining through him with his messages and stories.  The weekend left me with a desire to act on what I heard.  One of the things he spoke about what reaching out to people around you with the love of Christ.

The day after the event ended I was at BWI Airport with my husband waiting to fly to NH for his next business training.  As I sat at our terminal waiting for the boarding call, I made eye contact with a young woman and felt God urge me to reach out to her.  I knew we would be boarding soon so I whispered back to God, “If You want me to minister to her then help me to sit next to her on the airplane.”

We were flying Southwest so there is no assigned seating.  It was a full flight and I was the last person to board the plane.  As I walked down the aisle and found the last empty seat I smiled to myself as I realized it was right next to the woman I had prayed about.  

I sat between her (Leanna) and a man (Les) and the three of us talked the entire flight.  I found out the she is going to college to become a type of minister in the Catholic church.  He was raised a Catholic but doesn’t particularly follow a religion now.  We talked about the similarities and differences in what we believe and I shared how important it is to study the Bible for ourselves and not just blindly believe in everything our churches do.  Les shared that it’s hard for him to open up and talk freely with other people.  His New Year’s Resolution was to accept more invitations to do things with family and friends.  The three of us enjoyed our conversation and I ended up giving them my card so that we can stay connected.  I told Leanna that I will pray for her journey to minister for God and told Les that I will pray for the next phase of his life – retirement.

These are what I like to call “God encounters”.  There are so many simple ways we can connect with and encourage each other and God will lead us to the very people who need to hear from Him if we ask Him to.  One of the things I love about how Jesus walked on this earth is that no matter where He was headed He always stayed in tune with those He was passing by.  If God whispered to Him to stop and meet a need along the way He always responded.

I’m working on my second book and in it God is really showing me the urgency to go beyond “hearing” His Word and begin “doing” it.  It’s far too easy to get inspired and then allow our schedules to take over and never respond to what God spoke to our hearts.  As I press forward to respond in my own life I am amazed at how God responds and works things out for His glory.

In Jesus’ name…

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