• Debbie Howell

God’s Heart for Hurting People

“The heart of God seems to beat especially close to the victim of trauma:  ‘He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted.’  (Isaiah 61:1)  God desires the wounds of the traumatized to be bound up by loving people.”   (Boundaries, p. 83)

I had a “moment” this morning as I read the above quote.  The reality of God’s vision for my life struck me with those words.  There was an immediate connection between that quote and what God has been putting on my heart in relation to His vision for my life.

My heart aches for those who are hurting and I long to reach out to them with God’s light and power to restore and heal.  Even now, on my journey to learn how to build healthy boundaries around my own life, I feel compelled to show others what I’m learning to help set them free.

I think that some boundaries that we need to set have to do with how we approach God and what we believe about God.  For example, when I see someone who is really hurting I can get frustrated with God and say, “I can’t stand to see the pain they are going through.  Why don’t You do something?”  Or I can know the beauty and power of God by meeting Him in His Word and say, “Raise me up to be a light in the darkness around me.  Show me how to set healthy boundaries around my own life so that I can be empowered to help others.”

Setting healthy boundaries isn’t just to help us live healthier lives.  It’s to make us more free and whole so that God can use us to bring His power to this earth.

God, set us free through this process of setting up boundaries in our lives.  I pray that the enemy will not be able to hold us back any longer from the amazing visions You have for our lives.  We want to fully commit our hearts and time to You so that we can bind up the broken-hearted people in this world.  In Jesus’ name and for Your glory.  Amen

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