• Debbie Howell

Get up and Live! – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

Jasmine’s appointment with the doctor yesterday was both encouraging and sobering. After 8 months of intensive Vitamin C treatments they have achieved the results they were after. The treatments have rebuilt her weakened immune system.

However, the problem with Lyme is that you can get co-infections and consequences from it. The blood work that was done last week revealed that her body is dangerously inflamed. The scale of the test they ran goes from 1-5. Jasmine tested at 57! The doctor said the result was “jaw-dropping”. The third worst he’s ever seen in his practice. It helped to explain the horrible flare ups she’s been having.

The doctor concluded that she is now dealing with POTS and Babesia. He spent a lot of time questioning Jasmine and explaining to her why she feels the way she feels. There was a look of relief on her face as she now had an answer for her pain. He’s also concerned with her gut because she has a hard time eating and processing food.

So he decided to begin aggressively treating her gut and the 2 infections in her body. At the end of our appointment I asked him what his prognosis is for her. Will she ever be completely healed from the Lyme and its fallout? His response was that she has a 60-70% chance of a full recovery and it will take another year of aggressive treatments.

Now I want to share the “spiritual” side of things. While I was waiting in the exam room with Jasmine for her doctor to come in I was looking through the YouVersion App I have on my phone. On there I started listening to a prayer. In the middle of the prayer the woman starting talking about Jesus as our healer and asked the listener to visualize Jesus walking in. “What would that encounter look like for you?”

Immediately I could visualize Jesus walk in the room, lean down to Jasmine as she was lying on the patient table and kiss her on the forehead. He then took her by the hand with His healing touch and helping her up said, “Jasmine, get up and live your life.”

That moment gave me hope and joy because Jesus gives her 100% chance at not only healing, but of grace and full restoration!

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