• Debbie Howell

Faith & Grace Align – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

This morning as I was worshipping God, the song “Be Still” by Hillsong came up on YouTube.  I’ve heard this song before, but this time the Holy Spirit got my attention with these lyrics:

Be still and trust

What the Lord has said is done

Find rest, don’t strive

Watch as faith and grace align

Wow.  I don’t even know where to begin in response to that.  If we had a breakthrough just in the truth that “what the Lord has said is done” it would completely change the way we live in and respond to our lives.  It’s truth that is unchangeable.  Truth that we can count on.  God said Himself that even if heaven and earth pass away His words won’t.  That’s pretty incredible if you take a moment to think about it.

Let’s say that Jasmine is having a hard day with pain from her lyme disease.  However, when I open my Bible to Psalm 41  I see that I’ve written Jasmine’s name next to that chapter.   I read again, “When they are sick, God will restore them back to health.  So in my sickness I say to you, Lord be my kind healer.  Heal my body and soul; heal me God!  For I have confessed my sins to you.”  (verse 4, Passion Version)

That’s a powerful promise made by a God Whose Word never changes and Who always keeps His promises.  That’s exactly why the song above declares that we can be still and trust Him.

I also love the line “watch as faith and grace align”.  That’s a dynamic duo!  The grace of God that promises incredible healing and restoration is ignited by our faith.  When the two line up together we experience the next part of the song, “Surely love and mercy, Your peace and kindness, will follow me.”

So as our family continues our 21 day journey in the Word of God, I will be listening to this song throughout the day as I invite God’s grace to align with my faith.

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