• Debbie Howell

Encourage Yourself! – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

If you’ve been a christian for very long you’ve heard at least one person say that when God’s about to release something in your life satan will attack with a vengeance. That’s just the way things are, but I’ve yet to be happy about it.

God has indeed been doing some incredible things in my life. For 14 years He’s been telling me that He’s calling me into ministry. He’s shown me some pretty incredible things, things I could never accomplish on my own.

Last week I had the privilege of speaking at our church’s world headquarters for their morning worship. That led to several more speaking invitations and the opportunity to write an article for our church’s magazine, The Adventist Review. I’m so grateful to God for these opportunities, but guess who isn’t! Yep, the enemy is doing what he does best. Wish the guy would take a vacation once in awhile.

Part of the gifting God has given me involves connecting with people in a deep way. It’s how His anointing flows from me to them as I speak. The hard part is my heart breaks as I see others suffer. I want to step into their stories and fix everything in Jesus’ name! So this morning satan is trying to weigh me down with the suffering of so many people who I have been praying for. And, of course, make me believe that he has the upper hand and nothing I do can make a difference.

I’m sharing all this because as we face day after day of praying for our miracles the enemy can really start messing with our minds because he wants us to quit believing. He knows once we get our first miracle he’s defeated because all his lies that God isn’t there or He doesn’t care are exposed.

So… I am worshipping, I am speaking Scripture out loud, I am pressing on. The Bible tells us to encourage ourselves in the Lord and that’s just what this day is going to be all about because I want to live according to Who God is, not how I feel!

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