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Digging our Heals in – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

This morning as I was stepping into God’s presence through worship I listened to the song “Alpha and Omega”.  As I worshipped Him through those lyrics I was reminded once again that God isn’t seeing Jasmine’s life from my limited perspective.  He’s already seen how the rest of her life will play out.  In fact, He’ already spoken it into existence.  I believe He’s calling us to claim here in our little home what He’s declared in the heavens.  I believe it because  a few weeks ago I was visiting a church that was full of worship and the Spirit of God and before I even stepped into the sanctuary the Holy Spirit filled me and led me to pray with fervency for Jasmine’s healing.

The way to get into agreement with God for healing is to fill our minds and hearts with His Word.  This Scripture goes perfectly with the worship song I meditated on this morning:

From the beginning I declare how things will end; from times long past, I tell you what is yet to be, saying; “My intentions will come to pass.  I will make things happen as I determine they should.”  (Isaiah 46:10)

Today I will again pray the resurrection power of Jesus over the burning pain in Jasmine’s body.  The Scripture that I will text her and Chris for us to pray throughout the day is “Open my eyes to see the miracle-wonders hidden in Your Word.”  Psalm 119 (The Passion).

I want to encourage you to find a quiet place this weekend and read through Psalm 119 in the Passion Version.  This chapter is one of the things that really opened my eyes to the life-giving power of God’s Word.  It beautifully portrays David’s deep love for the Word of God.  Take time with each verse as you ask the Holy Spirit to be the voice behind the Scripture.  Healing is what we are after, but the day by day process of knowing Jesus (the Word made flesh) is our greatest treasure.

I’ll be praying for you…

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