• Debbie Howell

Confess What God Has Promised

How do we bring Scriptures to life within us? There are many beautiful ways to spend time with God through His Word. One of my favorite is to take Scriptures and confess them over my life.

For example, I was asked to lead a praise team for a local church next month. For me worship should be so much more than singing songs. We are to invite the very presence of God into the hearts of His people as we worship Him. So how do I do that? What can I do to prepare besides practicing the music?

I get into God's Word, find the Scriptures of what God promises to do in my life, and I make them into little prayers that I speak to God, believing that He will do what He promised.

To prepare my heart for leading praise next month I will be praying this: "There is truth and righteousness in my confession. There is truth and righteousness in my worship."

(Isaiah 48:1). As I do this the Holy Spirit anoints me and empowers me in ways that will bring the truth of God's Word into my life.

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