• Debbie Howell

Closer to Your Heart – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

For the past 2 weeks I’ve sat with Jasmine for hours a day as she has received her IVs. Her treatments have included UBI (Ultra violet blood irradiation) which turns a small amount of her blood into a natural antibiotic before they return it to her body. The other treatment is high dosages of intravenous Vitamin C. Tomorrow is her last treatment here. Once we return to MD she will continue her IVC treatments twice a week.

I have loved every moment of being here with her and am also grateful for the extra time, as she rested during her treatments, to spend with God. My heart is full of gratitude because I sense His love for my daughter.

Today God spoke to me about “holiness”. The word “holy” has always had a deep affect on me. I’ve never known why but anytime I hear or sing that word in a song it opens up a deeper place of worship in me.

Today I was listening to a sermon by Bill Johnson and was amazed as I heard him say, “When Jesus drives out sickness He is manifesting what holiness looks like. Beauty is born in holiness.”

There are so many levels of God’s glory. So many reasons to worship His holy name. This journey of healing that I’m on is all about living in the presence of God because I want to know Him. I believe that when we are filled with His presence it changes everything. His presence brings love, grace, hope, joy, and yes, healing. What that healing looks like is up to Him and as we are lost in His presence every part of our wills or agendas fade away as our hearts cry for just more of Him.

The other way that God spoke to my heart today was through a beautiful song by Kari Jobe. These lyrics connected my heart to God’s:

“With every facet of Your beauty my heart responds with Holy, Holy.” (Closer to Your Heart by Kari Jobe)

Could it be that the word “holy” invites us to worship a God Who longs to heal us? I pray that we will take the time to worship God in the beauty of His holiness and receive the things that He is waiting to bless us with.

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