• Debbie Howell

Choose the Right Voice to Believe

It's very interesting to me how people believe the voice inside them even when people tell them differently. Even when the voice is an outright lie. For example, someone can be beautiful and/or talented and people can tell them that truth all day long, but if the voice inside that person tells them that they are ugly or not talented, that's what they will believe.

This is one of many reason that God gave us His Word. His Word is truth. His Word is power. His Words are the only ones that can "cast down" and replace the lies that rise up from our hearts.

Those lies can come from so many of life's experiences, but we can only identify them and defeat them when we hold them up to the beauty of God's unchanging truth.

Be determined to speak God's Words out loud every day over your life until it becomes the voice that begins to rise from you heart. And then, confess it even more.

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