• Debbie Howell

‘Cause He is my Father – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

As I sit at my desk this morning my eyes scan over some of the books that I’ve been reading about being filled with the Holy Spirit and about God as our Healer.  So many mornings I woke up excited about the journey I was on.  My desire to be filled more with God’s love and power has not just been for Jasmine’s healing.  I want the world to know and experience for themselves the God Who loves, heals, and restores.

Today I’m having to press through some feelings of “burn out” to sit with God.  I found myself praying a simple, vulnerable prayer, “Holy Spirit, I miss my time with you, God, and Jesus.  Heal my heart and lift me up.”

I decided to invite God’s presence by listening to worship music.  The one that is ministering to me right now is “I Am No Victim” by Kristen Dimarco. The lyrics that wash over me with powerful truth are “Cause He is my Father.  I do not wonder if His plans for me are good, if He’ll come through like He should.”  Worshipping those words help me to fight off any type of self-pity or feelings that this journey is just too hard.  It’s not about me.  It’s about Him.  Who He is.  What He says.  How He will come through.

It can be frustrating after feeling like I’ve got my “spiritual life” together.  I have times when I’m faithfully waking up early to worship God and hear what’s on His heart for me.  How did I get from there to where I’m sitting today (again)?  The truth is even if all we can do is sit and say, “God, here I am”, that’s all He needs to step in and reshape our moments and our days.

‘Cause He is my Father.

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