• Debbie Howell

Called to Fight – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

Today is day 9 of Jasmine’s treatments and I am so thankful for the progress she’s already made. We are aware that as her body continues to fight Lyme she will have good days and bad. It’s a lot easier to fight, however, when you know you’re on the winning team!

This morning the Holy Spirit reminded me of something. A couple of years ago when Jasmine was suffering from a Lyme “flare-up” I remember going to church and begging God to intervene. In response He showed me two quick, yet powerful visions. The first was the story of the woman with the issue of bleeding in the Bible. I vividly saw her reaching out in desperation to touch the very edge of Jesus’ robe knowing that healing would flow from His presence. The second story I saw was the determined men who broke through a rooftop because that was they only way they could get their sick friend face to face with Jesus.

In these stories God told me that as Jasmine’s mom I have the privilege and duty to bring Jasmine into His presence so that she can be healed. I can press into His love and light on her behalf knowing that in His presence she will be whole.

I want to share with you one of the ways that I do that. I am believing for her to have an encounter with God that will change the trajectory of her life and worship is a big part of it.

We can invite God to reach out to others as we intercede with prayer. We can also invite God to reach out to others as we intercede with worship. This morning as she is reclining next to me receiving her IVC I put my headphones in and listened to “Here” by Kari Jobe. I closed my eyes and visualized myself breaking through a roof and reaching out to touch Jesus on Jasmine’s behalf. I could sense the Holy Spirit fill our room as I brought Jasmine to God’s throne through the beautiful lyrics of Kari’s song.

Come and rest here… You’ll find his peace… He is near You’ll find his healing You’re heart isn’t shattered anymore… You will find Him here

I love how God calls us to fight. When we feel totally burned out God’s battle cry is His peace. When the enemy comes against those we love with darkness His weapon of choice is His grace and love. There is such intimacy in His presence and it takes only a moment, one look at the face of Jesus, to change everything.

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