• Debbie Howell

Blogging My Way to Boundaries

“There is always safety in the truth, whether it be knowing God’s truth or knowing the truth about yourself.” (Boundaries, p. 37)

I absolutely love this quote!  My experience has taught me that the best way the devil can keep us trapped in cycles of unhealthy living is by hiding the truth with his lies.  The deepest lies he wants us to grab ahold of are the lies about ourselves.  His lies separate us from the power that God wants to release into our lives.  When I think about the how much he has stolen from my life and the lives of others by convincing us that what he tell us is the truth, it makes me angry.

Setting healthy boundaries involves exposing and casting down lies by discovering and living out God’s truth through His Word.  The Word of God is essential in this process.  The first reason is that because the devil is so crafty at deceiving us, we won’t even recognize that what he is presenting to us is a lie unless we have the truth to compare it to.  Secondly, we don’t have the power within ourselves to defeat the lies and receive healing and wholeness without replacing his lies with the powerful and beautiful truth of God’s Word.

Everything that God has taught me and every breakthrough He’s led me through has been based on the time that I have read, prayed, and confessed out loud His heart through His Word.  Sometimes His Word will lead me to the truth about others and more often than not, His Word will lead me to the truth about myself.  His correction can be hard to hear sometimes, but it always leads to a life of freedom, joy, and a greater measure of His love.

So for me, this journey of setting healthy boundaries includes reading great books that back up their research on God’s amazing Word.

“Your testimonies are my joy; they are like the friends I seek for counsel… And I will live a life of freedom because I pursue Your precepts.”  (Psalm 119: 24, 45)

“To be in touch with God’s truth is to be in touch with reality, and to live in accord with that reality makes for a better life.”  (Boundaries p. 37)

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