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Believing is Seeing – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

In December this year Chris is planning on taking Jasmine to India to see a rescue and rehabilitation center for bengal tigers.  This will be a time for her to see what goes on behind the scenes because helping exotic, wild animals is her passion and life goal.

This morning we were talking with her about the trip because as of now it would be too much for her due to her chronic fatigue and physical pain.  We told her that we really want her to go and are determined to move forward in faith believing for her full healing.

As we were talking the Holy Spirit began to speak to me.  He impressed on my heart that part of our breakthrough involves going on a 21 day fast as a family.  We did this once before years ago and I was amazed at how God responded to it.  Fasting from food is the typical way to fast but my favorite type of fast is fasting from secular things and giving more of my time to God.  So our plan as a family is to choose Scriptures and set our alarms so that 3 times a day we stop and read/pray through the verses.  This will grow our faith and help us to believe God’s Word over what we see in the natural (or how Jasmine feels physically)

Have you ever heard of the saying “Seeing is Believing”? This morning I looked up the definition of it and found this – you need to see something before you can accept that it really exists or occurs.  (proverb)

To our limited human understanding this makes perfect sense.  However, to break into the spiritual realm with our faith and to believe for the impossible (i.e. miracles) you have to completely flip this saying.  In God’s kingdom believing is seeing.  You have to believe  it through a revelation of Scripture and prayer before you can see it show up in your circumstances.

I believe that if we knew even half of the things God wanted to release into our lives through our faith, we would speak out His Words more than any others.

I am so excited that Chris and Jasmine are on board with our family fast and can’t wait to talk to Camilia (our younger daughter) about joining in too.

Here’ the Scripture I wrote out this morning for us to focus on:

“I lie down at night and fall asleep.  I awake in the morning – healthy, strong, vibrant – because the Eternal supports me.”  (Psalm 3:5) I wrote out this verse and put it on a magnetic board.  It’s in our bathroom so as we get ready in the morning we can be planting its truth in our hearts.

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